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E-butik Flex (6.6)

Bonamat Matic 2

Bonamat Matic 2
With 2 glass jugs - 1 brewing system & 2 hot plates Description: This range brewers filter coffe directly into decanters. The selfregulating hot plates re-adjuste the temperature according to the amount of coffe in the decanter so you always serve coffee of consistent quality. Whethere you desire a large amount or a single cup of coffee Bravilor Bonamat has the ideal model to meet all of your needs.

The Matic is available as an automatic fill model and is simple and quick to connect to the mains water supply.

2140W. 230V. 50Hz.
Product No:  BO 8-060-101-210
Stock status: In stock
Price incl VAT:  5895,00 sek
272 SEK/month instalment 24 months
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