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E-butik Flex (6.6)

SALE - Moka Noisette 25pods

SALE - Moka Noisette 25pods
50% DISCOUNT - Coffeepods with Noisette flavour. Original & Flavorful - 100% Arabica. DLUO 06/2019. New price; 113kr Description: A wild and spicy coffee deliciously flavored with hazelnut. A perfect balance of sweetness and smoothness.

Displaybox with 25 sachets of pods.

DLUO 06/2019

Regarding DLUO date on the botton of Cafés Richards carton / packaging:

In France there are two different labels:
DLUO: Guaranteed 100% quality (usually 12 months)
DLC: Best before date (DLUO + 6 months Cafes Richard applies DLUO labeling. This means that our Cafes Richard products are fully useful for at least 6 months after the DLUO date at the bottom of the packaging / carton.
Product No:  K1-CAR-14
Stock status: In stock
Campaign price incl VAT: 57,00 sek
3 SEK/month instalment 24 months
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With Noisette flavour. Original & Flavorful - 100% Arabica
Product No: CAR 14Stock status: In stock
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